Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jarod's "Fancy Dinner"

In this 21st century style of living, what I used to call a regular everyday family dinner as a child is what my son calls a "fancy dinner". Our family sitting around the table, bowls and platters filled with flavorful, steaming food on the table, place settings gleaming in candle light--that was regular stuff as a child. But for Jarod, that's the fancy dinner he's been waiting for.

Since Thanksgiving at Grandma and Papa's house, Jarod has been asking if we can have a fancy dinner at home. While we usually plate the food in the kitchen and serve the plates at the table in the family/dining room, he wanted a table cloth, a perfectly set table, "food in bowls" as he commanded, and "lots of candles burning". We had hoped to have our fancy dinner at Christmas Eve, but since Jarod was just over his stomach flu, we didn't want to chance it. So last night, Grandma and Papa came over for the fancy dinner and a Wii family game night.

Chris made his sage meatloaf recipe that he loves, I made mashed potatoes and gravy and home made dinner rolls, and mom brought green beans with toasted almonds. Jarod set the tables perfectly--a table for grown ups, and a table for kids--both complete with table cloths, napkins, place settings and glasses, everything in the perfect spot--and we sat down to a lovely meal.

Jarod had a big smile on his face as the family sat down together. He seemed very excited, and absolutely loved being in charge of setting the tables. We were very, very proud of his efforts. Dinner was excellent, and the games were fun. I can think of few better ways to spend a Saturday night!

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