Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kicking into High Gear

I've gotta be completely honest--my ass hurts.

Sorry if that sounds crass, but it's the toasted toad's truth, as Chris would say. I went over to Sarah's last night to help with some shelves and wallpaper removal, and we ended up doing one of the Biggest Loser's strength training routines. A bajillion squats and lunges later, I find that my backside is rebelling, saying, "Ha HA! You thought you could break me! Not gonna happen, wussy!"

Today ends the first week of half marathon training, and later today I'm heading to the Y for a moderate temperature under which I can manage the 3-4 mile walk required today. The 20th Ave Y has a new gymnasium with an elevated track overlooking it that is, on the whole, rather nice. Eleven laps on the track equals a mile, so I'll be heading there today, ipod in hand, to complete the first leg of this journey.

I have to admit there's something very cool about participating in training, the idea of preparing for something greater than yourself. A half marathon, or 13.1 miles, is quite a distance, and I must admit that I'm lucky the only hills in Oshkosh are the bridges over the Fox River. But still, I feel invigorated by the goal, comforted by the support of friends, and a strong desire to see this through. As walkers, we'll probably be some of the last to cross the finish line, but who cares? Crossing the finish line is what it's all about. I may just have to look ahead to another.

In many ways 2009 felt like the year of tying up loose ends, completing the degrees, getting past wait lists and waivers so that the real changes can begin. With the advent of 2010, it's amazing to think how much has changed already, and how much will continue to change over the next couple of months.And I think I'm ready to face what comes.


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